30 Rock and Pushing Daisies

By Mike

October 4, 2007 Television No comments

Tina FeyIt’s time for all you haters out there to watch 30 Rock, which premieres tonight on NBC at 7pm. Not only is Alec Baldwin absolutely hilarious and Tina Fey delightfully funny, Jerry Seinfeld will be on for the first episode. If you haven’t seen it before, give it a chance now. It won an Emmy for Best Comedy (even though the Emmy’s suck), and thus you should watch it.

So we gave Pushing Daisies a look-see last night and were really surprised. Listed on my DVR guide as “paranormal”, I’d categorize it more as a “fantasy”. The look and feel of the show is just so different than anything out there. A ton of work must go into just getting the sometimes off-color scenes just right. You have some dark scenes, but the colors are crisp and shady. Then you have these big colorful, bright sets that feel like they are out of those DLP “it’s the mirrors” commercials.

I liked the premise. This is how it works: If something dies, Ned can touch it to bring it back to life. Works on fruit, dogs and people. However, if that thing stays alive longer than a minute, something else in the near vicinity will die. The kicker is, he can touch you again and you die. And it ends there…you can no longer be brought to life.

That’s how his mom dies, by dying, being brought back, and then kissing her son on the forehead at bedtime, and then dying once more.

Now it sounds kind of dark, but the show is light-hearted and comedic. The love story between Ned and Chuck (a girl) will be a unique one in that they love each other, but can never touch.

Did you watch it? What did you think?

Also, stopped watching Dirty Sexy Money…it was just okay and I really do watch too much TV. I think the serialized show is starting to be done to death, as Jina pointed out the other night. When Dirty Sexy Money did their “last week on…” part, and then the lead goes “…and I think one of them killed my father…” I kind of suddenly got sick of the copycat serials out there. Thus ends that show.