Prison Break taking a huge ‘break’ soon

By Mike

October 29, 2007 Television No comments

You’d better soak up the Prison Break episode on December 17th.

Because you will have to wait a good while until seeing another one.

Welcome to the slowly degrading world of network television, where they totally disregard the fans who watch their shows in order to squeeze in their new shows.

The December 17th episode will be a mid-season finale, ala Lost from last season. The series wont pickup again until APRIL 14th, a solid four months later.

Blerg. (quoting Tina Fey from 30 Rock)

It’s like no one remembers what happened to Lost’s ratings after they sliced the season into about 155 different chunks.

Taking its place: The Terminator: The Sarah Connnor Chronicles.

FOX is trying to use the powerhouse that is 24 to lure viewers into Sarah Connor, even though most people forgot and have lost interest in anything related to the Terminator.

Seriously, where have all the new ideas gone that we have to regurgitate a series of films and turn it into a TV show?

(by the way, you’ll see my tune change when the Star Wars TV series comes out!)

Anyways, there is plenty of TV to keep me occupied, even if Prison Break is off the air for that long, so it’s not a huge problem. It’s just baffling how networks disregard history lessons (Lost) and their fans by creating reasons for them to lose interest.