The 12th season of The Amazing Race returns Sunday!

By Mike

October 31, 2007 Television No comments

Rob and AmberOther than American Idol (which is really only fun to me during the auditions), the Amazing Race is the only reality show I still watch.

Why has it remained an Emmy winning reality show? I think it’s just plain consistent and it helps that the game itself is always appealing to people. We love to watch our favorite teams race for the finish line and fight with each other the entire way there.

It doesn’t need fancy changes or locations…it just does what it does best.

And it’s back, for a 12th season. The cast is an interesting as ever.

Married lesbian ministers.

A Goth couple.

Grandpa and grandson

L.A. Blondes

And then your normal staple of people dating, people dating who are fighting, sisters, friends, etc.

Goth team on Amazing Race 12I have to say, the Goth couple kind of scare me –>

Of course Phil, the host, will be there…along with his eyebrow. If you’ve never paid attention to him, check out his eyebrows…he does the one-up, one-down pose better than anyone you’ve ever seen. The writers who do the weekly AR recaps on Entertainment Weekly pretty much think that eyebrow has a life of its own.

It’s surprising to me that Amazing Race: All Stars was the last season we watched, it seems like that was so long ago.

I think for this season and those of us who watch the show, we’ll play a little game of “Who will win The Amazing Race?” I have no clue what any prize or prizes will be, if anything, but at least we’ll have something to fight over for a few months.

First off, you need to get read by checking out the teams and figuring out who you think will win. I will give you a little head start: Ronald & Christina, the father/daughter team, wont win. When is the last time a father/daughter duo did anything other than argue about who she shouldn’t be dating?

So get THREE teams together that you think will win and we’ll be doing a contest starting either late Thursday or early Friday where we’ll put them all into a blog post and follow it every week.

I leave you with a memorable quote from Charla…who, joined with Mirna, were one of the most annoying teams EVER:

“Low to the Ground, That’s My Technique” – Charla