The Halloween Question

By Mike

October 31, 2007 Questions No comments

The Shining - Jack NicholsonWelcome to a spooky edition of the Friday Question, coming to you live on Halloween 2007.

Many, many moons ago, before we were married, Jina and I watched The Shining on All Hallows Eve and it scared the living crap out of us. She couldn’t really watch it, but I was glued sickly to the screen and Jack Nicholson’s deepening madness and the kid chanting “red rum” over and over, which still brings chills to my bones.

I’ve never been a big scary movie guy, in fact, most people will tell you I’m a big wimp and sometimes even fast forward through a scary part in a movie.

Yes, I do that.

I recently tried to watch The Descent and 1408 on my own, with little lighting going on in the house, and I ended up watching the movies a lot FASTER than the actual length…

Regardless of my fear of them, I have a fascination with scary movies, especially good ones.

The Ring was awesomely terrifying, especially because our phone rang in the middle of watching the movie and it was from a pay phone. Scared the utter crap out of me. Finished the movie weeks later.

But some of my favorites are The Sixth Sense and Saw. I loved Saw…I didn’t realize what it would be like, and the ending blew my mind. Just like The Sixth Sense.

So today’s special, Halloween edition of the Friday Question is this:

What’s your all-time favorite scary movie? 

I expect great answers and reasons behind them!