Conan O’Brien growing a “strike” beard

By Mike

November 30, 2007 Television No comments

This is a pretty hilarious little video by Conan O’Brien, the host of the Late Night show who is showing solidarity with the writers by not continuing to produce his show (unlike Carson Daly) and paying his staff to keep them employed during it.

He’s also growing a beard, as I guess a number of others are doing on the staff there.

The networks are essentially laying people off today as it’s the end of the month, so people like O’Brien and David Letterman are continuing to pay their staffs until at least the end of the year. It’s pretty amazing to work for people like that.

So yes, I know I said I wouldn’t talk much more about the strike, but this video is too funny.

Hope you enjoy it.

Also, if you want to watch another great video of the WGA Strike, check out Jason’s blog…it’s the WGA/Network love story.