The Amazing Race Contest

By Mike

November 2, 2007 Television No comments

The Amazing RaceI will preface this by saying I don’t know if it’s much of a contest, but we’re doing it anyways!

As I wrote on Wednesday, this Sunday is the premiere of The Amazing Race 12 and I am starting to get a little bit excited about it. The game always starts off with a frenzied rush for the cars close by or whatever their form of transportation is.

Whenever I watch the show, I always think to myself…”I think I could do that…I SHOULD do that…”

Well, after the read more link, not only will you get contest details, but you are going to get a video that should make you embarrassed to either read my blog or know me and my friend Scott.

The contest is this:

  1. Visit the site on for AR and see the all the teams.
  2. Study them for a few minutes, figure out who you think has a good chance of winning
  3. Come back here, and post in the comments area THREE TEAMS that you think COULD  win it.
  4. I will tally up your picks and post them in a blog come Sunday after the show starts, and we’ll see if anyone stayed alive
  5. These picks are good for the entire season, not just this week. We pick once and see who survives.
  6. You can pick your three teams up until the show debuts on Eastern time…no cheaters!

So what’s the prize? Well I really have nothing to offer, except this blog. So if one of your picks wins the Amazing Race, you will get a blog written by me on ANY topic you want. I can post about your site, your blog, your life, some movie you love, nerdy weather stuff, whatever. You pick it, I’ll write something about it and it will be awesome.

Now, while you are perusing over teams, maybe you need some inspiration…or a good chuckle.

A few years back, my buddy Scott and I made a video that we sent to The Amazing Race, trying to get on the show, using the angle of “neighbors” to get us some consideration.

Needless to say, we never heard back…and from watching the video below, you can probably guess why.