The Friday Question – 11/30/07

By Mike

November 30, 2007 Features Television No comments

It’s Friday again, so it’s time for a question to make you think, scratch your heads and ponder your own existence.

Or none of that stuff, but let’s have some fun anyways! It’s almost the weekend and it’s raining out, what could be better?

Heroes left us with a juicy little preview for Monday’s upcoming episode in which TWO heroes will supposedly die. They put up an image that had five of them together, including Nathan, Parkman, Hiro, Elle and Claire. No clue if it’s only between them or not, but anyways, two people are dying this week.

So the question is (twofold):

Who do you THINK will die this week on Heroes AND who would you LIKE to see die?

There is a big difference there. I have some ideas on who is going to die, but I also have some thoughts on who I’d like to see ripped from the show, never to be seen again.

The show has lost it’s way this season, and although it has sort of picked up in the last few weeks, it’s still sluggish and too broad. There are too many heroes to keep track of, too much stuff going on when all we really want is Sylar, Peter, Hiro and Adam to do cool things.

Actually, some of the other heroes COULD be cool if they weren’t just sitting around doing lame things. For instance, Nicki could be bad ass, but they never let her do anything. All season, the only display of her power has been kicking down a door.

How great would it have been last episode if Nicki had shown up when those guys were taking the Copy Cat girl and then walloped them? That sure would have made the episode better.

I am rambling though and may have more Heroes thoughts at another time…but today, let’s answer the question!

Who’s dying this week, but also, who would you rather see dead? And don’t hold back, if you want five dead, tell us!