The People’s Choice awards suck

By Mike

November 29, 2007 Movies Television No comments

Not too long ago, the Emmy’s came and went and prompted me to write a blog about how much the Emmy’s sucked.

Well, now it’s time to move on to the People’s Choice awards. It hasn’t even been on yet, but I went to go help vote up Journeyman tonight (and everyone who loves Journeyman should at least go vote because maybe it will help save the show – it’s under Favorite New Show).

So as I’m there and I notice the other categories. The first of which is Best TV Comedy. The nominees:

King of Queens, My Name is Earl and Two and a Half Men

I’m sorry, I don’t watch any of those, but how on earth does The Office and 30 Rock not at least warrant a nomination? I’ve watched My Name is Earl and I’ve never found it that funny.

The next category turns the entire thing into an utter JOKE. Favorite Movie Comedy:

Knocked Up, The Simpson’s Movie and Wild Hogs

Ummm, Wild Hogs? Really? The movie that got a 15% on Rotten Tomatoes? Not Superbad? WTH is going on here? Who nominates these things?

If you answer “people”, then “people” suck.

Next up…Favorite Independent Film:

Becoming Jane, A Mighty Heart and Sicko

From what I heard, Mighty Heart and Sicko were actually pretty good, but Becoming Jane? I saw it and it was definitely one of the worst Jane Austen movies I’ve ever seen.

And as far as Independent Films, Once and Paris je t’aime were spectacular films and should be recognized.

Anyways, there are some other puzzling choices that you can see for yourself if you want, but this is just another sign that these side-show award ceremonies need to go. Keep the Oscars and SAG Awards of course, but the rest are meaningless.