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By Mike

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This is the week I’ve been waiting for since I first watched the movie back in early July of this year.

Once” comes out on DVD this week and it has to be my favorite movie of the year so far. Granted, there are a lot of good movies out there to watch yet for Oscar season, but I think this one is more of a sentimental favorite.

There are just those films that hit you in an emotional way that most others have no chance of doing. “Saving Private Ryan” was one of those films that left you feeling the sadness for what you just witnessed. A few more examples would be “Shawshank Redemption” and “Little Miss Sunshine.”

So why is “Once” such a great movie? The best way I can describe it is a simple movie about love, passion and music. Two people, a guy from Dublin who is a guitarist/musician meets a girl from Czech who plays the piano. You never find out their names, but they meet because she sees him playing the guitar on a local busy street one day.

What happens next is where the movie takes off. They decide to go play some of his songs together, her piano with his guitar and lyrics. They walk into a music store where they have permission to use a piano over lunch.

That scene defines the movie and catapults you into the heart of the story. The way he starts to play and sing, and she tries to figures out the notes and melody, and how they become one voice at the end of the song is captivating and moving. I’m pretty sure my eyes watered a bit there (and at other times during the movie).

The guy is played by Glen Hansard of The Frames and the girl by Marketa Irglova. The music makes the film amazing. You’ve never heard such passion in lyrics and singing before in a movie, I guarantee it.

I hope you DVD renters take a chance on this or just go buy it. My fear is that I build it up too much, but I honestly don’t see how it’s possible. The movie grabs you and takes you along for a beautiful ride, no matter who you are.

Check out the trailer for the movie below, and then read on for more DVD picks.

The Simpsons

Switching major gears here, I’ve not seen this, nor do I really watch the show, but every time I have, I usually laugh hysterically. I heard the movie was pretty funny and I’m sure this DVD will sell like hotcakes.

It’s also a title that’s out on Blu-Ray, so it could really kick some butt and perhaps help tip the tide Blu-Ray’s direction? I hope not.

Blade Runner: Five-Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition

Another movie I need to see again since the first time I must have been tired or something, because I found it amazingly boring. But so many people have called it a classic, I need to give it a second try. And I think I will now, because not only is this new release pretty kick butt, it’s also out on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray as well.

Here are some other releases this week, including a list further down of all new HD versions:

DVD (buy these titles at Amazon)

  • Stardust – Starring Michelle Pfieffer and Robert DeNiro, a supposedly good movie in the vein of Princess Bride?
  • Braveheart: Special Collector’s Edition – Braveheart rocks, period.
  • The Moody Blues: Lovely to see you Live (HD-DVD) – For my Dad, who raised us listening to nothing but this band, and made me love them to this day.
  • The Evil Dead: Ultimate Edition – For you Bruce Campbell lovers out there.
  • Sunrise Earth: American Sunsets Volume 1 – I would only get this to annoy my wife.

Blu-ray (buy these titles at Amazon)

  • Blade Runner (Complete Collector’s Ed.) (Warner)
  • Blade Runner (Ultimate Collector’s Ed.) (Warner)
  • Shakira: Oral Fixation Tour (Sony BMG)
  • The Simpsons Movie (Fox)
  • Sunrise Earth: American Sunrises Vol 1 (Discovery Channel)
  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (Warner)
  • That’s Entertainment: Complete Collection (Warner)
  • Underdog (2007) (Walt Disney)

HD DVD (buy these titles at Amazon)

  • Balls of Fury (Universal)
  • Blade Runner (Complete Collector’s Ed.) (Warner)
  • Blade Runner (Ultimate Collector’s Ed.) (Warner)
  • The Moody Blues: Lovely to See You – Live (Image)
  • R. Kelly Live – The Light It Up Tour (Image)
  • Roy Orbison: A Black & White Night (Image)
  • Stardust (Paramount)
  • Sunrise Earth: American Sunrises Vol 1 (Discovery Channel)
  • That’s Entertainment: Complete Collection (Warner)

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