Prison Break, Sarah Connor and Idol kick off huge week for FOX

By Mike

December 30, 2007 Features Television No comments

With the very slim number of new episodes left for your favorite shows, FOX could be your favorite spot come Sunday, January 13th.

First you get the world premiere of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which will explode onto your screen with two new episodes in a row, Sunday night and then Monday night. There are 13 total episodes of the series produced, so that should last at least around two months. Check out a preview for the show by clicking here.

Coupled with the second episode of Sarah Connor will be Prison Break, which returns on January 14th, boasting five remaining episodes. This is pretty huge, considering some other popular shows have little left to air:

  • 30 Rock: 1 episode
  • Chuck: 2 episodes
  • Criminal Minds: 1 episode
  • CSI: 1 episode
  • Grey’s Anatomy: 1 episode
  • Gossip Girl: 2 episodes

Shows like The Office, Heroes and Pushing Daisies all have ZERO left.

So first you get Sarah Connor, then you add another episode to go with Michael Scofield and Prison Break’s return, and then on January 15th you get the powerhouse known as American Idol.

The way I see it, with Lost returning on the 31st of January and the lineup FOX has (granting that Sarah Connor is actually GOOD), this strike-ridden season might be at least bearable in the coming few months.

At least it will give some of you time to watch some TV on DVD maybe? Or some movies you haven’t seen yet?

I will be posting a top 10 TV on DVD list in the coming week or two, so get ready for that as you look for things to watch.