Scrubs’ janitor to get a real name

By Mike

December 20, 2007 Television No comments

If the WGA strike can somehow end before all hope is lost, then Scrubs’ fans may get a long desired wish.

The janitor will get a name.

According to an article on, the janitor was never suppsoed to have a name. In fact, he was never intended to be a real person. The idea was that he’d only be a figment of Dr. Dorian’s imagination.

From the article, quoting Bill Lawrence, Scrubs creator/producer:

“Originally The Janitor was going to end up being a figment of J.D.’s imagination (I never expected the show to last more than a few episodes so that would have been possible — and why he only interacted with J.D. at first),” Lawrence wrote in a recent e-mail. “We just always thought of him as more menacing as a nameless sketchy antagonist and decided not to reveal his name until the end.”

“There’s a case to be made for never learning the name of the character: TV history tells us a finely tuned character known by just a surname needs no other form of I.D.

He has a good point. The first one I thought of was Wilson from Home Improvement. Not only did it take forever to find out his name, you also never saw his face.

The article listed some I forgot about, like MacGyver, Columbo, Agent 99 from Get Smart to name a few. It also took a long time for us to find out that Kramer’s first name was Cosmo.

“Cosmo?????” I loved that episode.

Any guesses as to what his name could be? He looks like a Bill to me, or maybe a Steve.

I just hope we get to find out. Since this is the final season of Scrubs, the strike could kill any real finale the fans were hoping for. For those dedicated viewers of the hilarious comedy, it could be a sucky way to end it all.

I kind of reported back a few months ago that there was a rumor he’d get a name, but it’s definite now. If you want to read more about what we were supposed to get in the finale, check out this older blog post.