Sunday Bites for December 30th

By Mike

December 30, 2007 Comics Music No comments

Welcome to the last Sunday in 2007. The year has flown by so quick. It’s been a nice week here in Phoenix, Arizona, the temperatures have been in the high 20s every morning with highs in the 60s.

I love the weather if you haven’t noticed, and I’ll talk about it any chance I get.

Here are a few links for you that I never got the time to write a post about, but are still interesting.

Order your coffee at Starbucks wirelessly with Apple

That’s right, soon there is a chance that you will walk into a Starbucks with your wireless Apple device, like the iPod, iPhone or iWhatever, and have your drink order placed automatically.

I wish they’d open up the iPhone on Verizon, because my wife will be dying for this new feature.

The loneliest Prada store 

This link is kind of cool, it shows a fake Prada store that’s sitting out on a deserted highway in Texas. You talk about clever marketing.

Amazon going be the new iTunes soon

There is a lot of indications out that that Amazon’s music store is starting to be a real power, with more DRM-free music than iTunes, meaning it could seriously become more popular.

There is a new online book social community, where you can post your personal library online, talk to people about your favorite authors, stories, etc. It looks pretty sweet and got a great review on PC Magazine.