The Amazing Race: Leg 8

By Mike

December 31, 2007 Features Television No comments

*spoilers as always*

Leave it to the Goths to get into a crappy taxi and call it home because it was painted black inside.

The Amazing Race is starting to wind down and there are likely only two episodes left, maybe three. If you assume there is one more “non-elimination” round left, then there could be three episodes remaining.

And speaking of, the teams sure seemed to know this wasn’t a “non-elimination” round this week. Maybe there is a rule that you can’t have two in a row?

Only four teams remain and amazingly, my only surviving squad of TK and Rachel somehow made it to the finish mat in first place this week. They just go about their business quietly and confidently and even when they almost got screwed last week with the hang-glider search, they still somehow made it.

Back to the Goths, who were eliminated this week, finally.

I loved the line from Kynt: “We may look all exotic, but we’re just two Goths from Louisville.”

I didn’t realize Goth was like a race or ethnicity. And I certainly never thought they looked exotic. But heck, that’s Kynt and Vyxsin all season long. I still think if you are happy with who you are and your own skin, you don’t have to advertise it all the time.

But regardless, they sure raced well, even overcoming the Yoga speed bump and catching up with Nate and Jennifer.

And we got the old Nate and Jen back this week, the fighting, bickering couple who lose all love for each other when the going gets tough. I can see them getting pregnant and being all happy and in love, but the day of the birth in the delivery room you would see nurses and doctors running for their lives amidst the throwing of medical equipment and gnashing of teeth.

Yet I still pulled big time for them to beat out the Goths. While they are so dysfunctional, it’s a pleasure watching them every week. How funny was their exchange about the flowers?

You should know how to do the flowers, you’re a girl.

“You didn’t know how to row a boat, and you’re a guy.

It’s not like there are a lot of boats to row all the time.

And it’s not like I string flowers on wire all the time either!

It went something like that and it was hilarious.

Ronald was at it again with Christina, who stood up for herself this time and he realized it later. I still don’t understand being short and hanging a poster up out of reach, but whatever…Ronald knows best.

So this makes our little AML Amazing Race competition below more interesting. Jina, Tracy and myself could all tie if TK/Rachel win. Scott is the only one with Donald/Nicholas, so he could be a sole winner with them.

Tracy, Nicky and Kat all have Nate and Jennifer, so there could be another three-way tie there.

At this point, throwing out who you have left, or especially if you aren’t playing this little game, who do you want to win right now? Are you pulling for anyone in particular?

Even though I have them as my team, I think I’d be pulling for TK and Rachel anyways. They are the most likable team right now I think and I’ve really grown attached to them.

Mike: Azaria/Hendekea, Rachel/TK, Lorena/Jason

Jina: Azaria/Hendekea, Rachel/TK, Marianna/Julia

Tracy: Ari/Staella, Rachel/TK, Jennifer/Nathan

Scott: Kynt/Vyxsin, Nicholas/Donald

Nicky: Jennifer/Nathan, Azaria/Hendekea

Kat: Nathan/Jenny, TK/Rachel