What The Remaining 5 Survivors Must Do To Survive – Further Musings On The Strategies Of Survivor: China

By Jason

December 12, 2007 Television No comments

Survivor: ChinaIn my last article on Survivor (Survivor: China – Episode 11 – Nice Guys Finish Sixth) I talked about last week’s episode and spoke of overall strategies and gameplay, but for this article, as always, I will attempt to outline
specific strategic plans for each of the five people left in the game. I will give my opinion as to what each person needs to do to try to win the whole thing.

Hae Da Fung

For the players still left this is the last opportunity to make strategic moves. At five players a simple coalition of three can oust one of the two others and can go a long way towards determining who makes it into the final Tribal Council. This is no time to rest on your laurels or sit idly by and let others make decisions for you. Now is the time to act. You must be quick to make decisions, and, once a decision is made, you must act on it without faltering and without regard to feelings and friendships if you want to win the game.


You have a couple of options left to you to try to stay in the game. As you know, you’re the next one to go if you don’t win individual immunity again – and we all know you can’t count on that no matter how lucky you seem to be.

Your best chance of actually winning the game is to convince Courtney and Denise that none of you stand a chance against Todd and Amanda. Now, this is absolutely true, but neither of those two dunderheads seem to understand that fact so you’ll have an uphill climb. If you could get them to vote with you the three of you could vote at least one of them out and change the entire game giving you an excellent chance of winning it all as I like your chances in the final Tribal Council if you can go up against Courtney and Denise.

If you can’t form the alliance your next best bet is to get Todd and Amanda to turn on one another. It’s better if Amanda is the one that actually gets voted out but if either of them go it helps you stay in the game a little bit longer. And, let’s face it, right now a little bit longer is all you can really hope for.


I think you cut your own throat and gave up any chance you had to win (slim though it was) when you side with Todd and Amanda and voted out Erik. You had a chance to turn the tables and attempt a bold move that would have established you as a strategic player and would have won you some credibility (and possibly some votes)and propelling you into the final Tribal Council if it had worked. Unfortunately, you were either too cowardly, too conservative, or too short-sighted to attempt any such move.

Failing to take Peih-Gee with you on the Reward Challenge was a lesser, but still damaging, mistake. Peih-Gee is not the kind to forgive and forget so she will remember the snub all the way to the final Tribal Council should you make it. That one snub is enough to lose her vote – a vote that would have been critical to you. Taking her would have cost you nothing in your alliance since you could have taken Amanda as well and Todd would have little reason to complain.

It is still possible for you to get into the final Tribal Council by winning individual immunity and by Peih-Gee not winning at the correct time. Peih-Gee will be the next to go if she does not win the next challenge. You will then go after her. That individual immunity challenge will be an absolute must win for you. Win it and you go to the final Tribal Council (we’re still assuming three people are going). Like I said, though, you have not shown enough strength or strategy and will not win the game.


You are a virtual lock for the final three no matter what you do. I can’t imagine that anyone left in the game would not want to take you to the final Tribal Council. You should be ashamed of yourself.

There’s nothing you can do to win this game. The best you could do would be to convince Peih-Gee and Denise to form an alliance with you to overthrow Todd and Amanda. If you somehow managed to vote out both of them and made it to the final three with Peih-Gee and Denise and could somehow convince the jury that you were the one who came up with the plan to get rid of Todd and Amanda and some country somewhere in the world invented a stupid bomb which they decided to test over China at the exact moment everyone was getting ready to vote and no one realized that voting for you to win made no sense whatsoever…you might have a slim shot at winning…maybe.


Your frequent mentions of the reasons everyone else (except you, of course) is going to win the game seems overly transparent to me. But then, the other players aren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed so you’re probably doing more good than harm.

If you can make it to the final three there’s really only one person standing in your way of the million dollars despite all the critical mistakes you’ve made – Amanda. The problem is, getting rid of Amanda isn’t going to be that easy. She’s a smart player and isn’t going to sit idly by while you try to turn everyone against her. Even worse for you is the fact that everyone knows you’re smarmy and will know exactly what you’re doing when you begin trying to turn them against her. It’s a bit of a catch-22.

You might not have much of a choice but to wait until four and try to get rid of her then. Peih-Gee would be the next obvious choice to vote out. She’s dangerous because she’s stuck around so long and because she has old tribemates on the jury. Once she’s gone you and Amanda are smart enough to know that one of you needs to go. I’m not sure who Courtney and Denise would rather take with them to the finals but I’d start kissing butt now just in case. I’m not sure who would win if you and Amanda have to face one another. I like your chances but Amanda has played a really smart game and if she can present a good case to the jury she could easily pull it off.


You’ve made it this far, but your work isn’t over yet. If you want to keep playing the smart game you’ve started you’ve got to get rid of Todd before the final three. You could take your chances and see if you can make it with him and Courtney. I give you better than average odds of winning, but that’s not exactly controlling your own destiny.

If you really want to win you need to be proactive. It should be difficult to convince Peih-Gee to side with you in a vote against Todd; she has nothing to lose. It will be much more difficult to win over either Denise or Courtney. You will have to have one of them vote with you in order to get rid of him. My gut says Denise is your best bet. I think you have the ability to speak to her in a way that she will understand and convince her that Todd needs to go.

Of course, the tricky part is going to be convincing the others that it’s in their best interest that Todd goes because if he doesn’t he’ll win it all…without them figuring out the logical conclusion that with Todd gone, you’ll win it all. I’m not sure how you can convince them that you won’t just get all of the votes that would have gone to Todd, but that will be your job. Do that and you stand to win the game. Fail, and Todd could walk away with everything.


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