Blogging Zoom hacked

By Mike

January 24, 2008 Blogging Features No comments

One of my favorite sites out there is Blogging Zoom and a pretty horrid act was inflicted upon it today as some deadbeat hackers took it down and threw up some Apache server splash page.

Not only that, but a good friend of mine Vic, who is behind Blogging Zoom along with another guy named Court, had his own personal site taken down by the same people.

You’ll likely notice that none of the little “Zoom” icons that appear at the bottom of each of my blogs are visible now, and that’s because of these adolescent hackers.

Why would they do this? Probably because Blogging Zoom has raised a few heads and threatens some of the larger sites out there like Digg and others.  While those sites seem to have their own biased way of doing things, BZ is all about helping you get links back to your site, building keyword strength and thus sending you more traffic. The sense of community there is great and I’ve made quite a few solid friends because of it.

And also Vic loves to speak his mind and it’s a breath of fresh air, but not to those out there that want to keep on doing what they do best: Making money off other people trying to make money online. He has opened the eyes of a bunch of people I know on how to truly make money online and what your goals should be. But most people listen to these jokers out there and are spinning their wheels, with no real chance of ever earning a living.

Those jokers are of course responding in exactly the same way they try to make money: By thinking of only themselves.

So they took down both sites today in a childish act, which is exactly what these kinds of people are.

The pathetic thing is, a hacked site these days isn’t too hard to put back together, so while they may have caused a little bump in the road, Vic and Court will get the last laugh as Blogging Zoom continues to grow in spite of all this.