“Cloverfield” End Credits Static Revealed!

By Jason

January 23, 2008 Movies No comments

If you haven’t seen “Cloverfield” yet and don’t want to know anything at all about the movie then you’ll probably want to skip this article as I will be mentioning parts of the film that you might not want to know about.

Is the “Cloverfield” monster dead? Was the military able to destroy it? These questions were on everyone’s mind as they left the theater after watching the film. Of course, if you left immediately after the film ended without waiting for the credits to run…what were you thinking?In a movie like this you always, ALWAYS stay for the end credits because you never know when they’re going to give you a little something extra.

And if you stayed for the end credits of “Cloverfield” you got two bonuses. One bonus was the really cool Overture music and the last was some static filled, garbled sort of transmission that lasted a couple of seconds at the very, very end of the film.

So, what did the transmission at the end of the credits say?

Unfortunately, listening to it at the end of the movie, it was impossible to understand. However, if you were to sneak a recording device into the movie and secretly record the garbled message then take it home and upload it to your computer where you digitally enhanced the static and then reverse the audio…you will clearly hear a voice saying, “It’s still alive.

Now, I assume that most of you probably already did all that, but if not, you’re in luck because I have a copy of the audio here:

There isn’t any mistaking the voice and what it is saying. What we don’t know is what character (if it was a character from the film) said those words.It also brings up another interesting conundrum of sorts. Because if you go to the Official “Cloverfield” website you will see some photos. One of those photos is the photo below:
Cloverfield Monster: Is It Dead?
So, I’m guessing that if he ain’t dead…he ain’t happy. Is that the whole monster or just parts? Is that even the monster? In the upper left of the picture it looks like something took a bite out of whatever that is… Could this just be a whale or something that the monster attacked?There’s enough questions here to get us started on a whole new movie…hmmm…makes you wonder… What do you think?