‘Falling Slowly’ still eligible for an Oscar

By Mike

January 31, 2008 Movies Music No comments

The song Falling Slowly was nominated for an Oscar back on the 22nd of January, a much-deserving tribute to the movie Once, one of my favorites of 2007.

Yet there was apparently some controversy over it since the song was first seen by the public in mid-2006. The album, “The Swell Season“, which was recorded by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (the two stars of the film), came out in April, 2006.

The same song was re-recorded for another album called The Cost, this time it was for Hansard’s group The Frames.

Oscar officials were concerned over whether or not the song was actually written for Once or not. The fact was discovered that the scene in which the song appears in the film, was shot well before April in 2006. In fact, the entire movie was shot over 17 days in early January of that year.

But the good news is that today OOncescar officials ruled in favor of allowing to remain an Oscar hopeful. I had no idea things were taken so seriously over at the Academy Awards. Here is the official statement from Oscar town:

The Academy’s music branch executive committee has met and endorsed the validity of “Falling Slowly� as a nominated achievement. The committee relied on written assurances and detailed chronologies provided by songwriter of “Falling Slowly,� the writer-director of “Once� and Fox Searchlight.

The genesis of the picture was unusually protracted, but director John Carney and songwriter Glen Hansard were working closely together in 2002 when the project that became ‘Once’ was discussed. ‘Falling Slowly’ began to be composed, but the actual script and financing for the picture was delayed for several years, during which time Mr. Hansard and his collaborator Marketa Irglova played the song in some venues that were deemed inconsequential enough to not change the song’s eligibility.

Other than the film Juno and all its awards, there isn’t another nomination I want to see win MORE than this song. The movie touched me like only Juno did last year and that song and scene when you first here it was simply amazing.

Good luck to Glen and Marketa for this beautiful piece of music and writing.