Lost: Missing Pieces – A final look

By Mike

January 31, 2008 Features Television No comments

I had a hard time watching the Lost: Missing Pieces video clips that ABC posted on their website this past fall because for some reason ABC’s website isn’t very Linux-friendly.

However one of our readers here, Adam, posted an AMAZING blog today about season 4, what we need to remember and he also embedded ALL 13 Missing Pieces videos

Not only that, but he added some commentary after each that adds a lot to the little clips. I must admit, I tend to forget so much stuff, but Adam seems to have it all organized up in his head somehow.

So if you get a chance to watch them before tonight, it might be beneficial. Especially the final one…it’s a whopper. A couple of them are fascinating as well, like Ethan meeting Jack before we all found out who he really was.

The amazing thing is that a lot of these clips seem to truly be deleted scenes, and some of them (like one with Juliette) appear to be made for Missing Pieces.

Head over to Adam’s site and check it out…he really put together a great little piece for tonight’s season 4 premiere.