Lost recap: ‘The Beginning of the End’ – Season 4 premiere

By Mike

January 31, 2008 Features Television No comments

Obviously, the word “recap” means that I’ll be going over major stuff that happened in the episode, so don’t read it if you don’t want things spoiled for you!

Something amazing about the Island is that people sometimes die and sometimes don’t. The Cyclops dude was shot through the heart in the season finale, but was able to come back and blow the Looking Glass up and thus killing Charlie in the process.

Not to mention John Locke being shot by Ben and then not dying. Walt said he had work to do.

And then Naomi is stabbed in the back and of course comes back to do something. Is it related? Does the Island make some people come back to life in order to fulfill missions? I doubt it, but it’s something to think about.

It makes me wonder if Charlie will ever been seen again (not as a ghost that is)…of course, we’ve lost a lot of other people along the way like Boone and his sister, and I doubt they come back.

Alright, on to the show.

Hurley Flash Forward

Sadly I had the opening ruined for me because the article I posted on Thursday mentioned some things you needed to know for the season 4 premiere, and one of those was the Camaro we see at the beginning belonging to Hurley.

He’s in a high speed chase, running from something he saw in a convenient store. He crashes, goes to an interrogation room to meet a cop who was partners with now dead Ana Lucia. Hurley pretends he never heard of her.

It was a great opening, with Jack watching the chase on TV and cursing to himself. This must be prior to Jack’s beard growing, highly “medicated” days. In fact we find out later that Jack wants to hide himself from the public and is thinking of growing a beard.

Naomi lives!

So Naomi goes missing and Kate steals the satellite phone from Jack because she knows the blood trail left was a fake. Jack, goes with Rousseau and Ben along the fake path, but Kate ends up finding Naomi.

The supposed girl from Penny’s boat reprograms the phone so that the guy on the freighter can track it better, and then she “dies” again. This time though, I think she’s really dead.

Desmond Returns

Meanwhile on the beach, Desmond comes back without Charlie and tells those on the beach about the fact that this boat does NOT belong to Penny and Naomi is lying. Sawyer immediately wants to radio Jack, but Sayid says the radio is likely monitored by the boat, so Hurley takes it and chucks it out into the ocean.

They decide to take off to find Jack and warn them that way.

Hurley finds Jacob and Locke!

So along the way, Hurley’s big frame slows him down and he finds himself lost, and instead of Sawyer and the others, he finds Jacob’s cabin. Of course, he has no clue what it is.

He looks inside and sees a man in a rocking chair and then Locke’s big stinking eye fills the screen and scares the crap out of everyone. Hurley runs off and is now in some kind of weird universe where all he can find is the cabin.

(update: Check out the screen capture of this scene, it clearly shows that Jacob is Christian)

And then Locke finds him.

Who is Jacob?

Well, before the episode started, my wife and I debated about Jacob being Jack’s father Christian, only because of Adam’s blog post suggesting it.

We both said no way, that is was just another illusion. Ummm, were we wrong and Adam right?

The thing is, the last Missing Pieces episode shows Christian with white sneakers, and Jacob was wearing them and from the look we got of him, most CERTAINLY could pass for Jack’s father.

I don’t think he looked like that last year, so is it a change in the plot by the writers or does Jacob not really have a set form?

I still don’t think it’s Christian, it just makes no sense to me.

The meeting on Lost

Two Sides

All the groups meet up…Locke and Hurley find Sawyer and the beach group, then Jack shows up with his crew.

What a great turn we see in Jack. In the last episode, he let Ben supposedly kill Sayid, Bernard and Jin, and then beats the snot out of Ben. Next this week he informs Kate that if Locke shows up, he’s going to kill him.

Then he sees Locke and gives him a right hook and yanks Locke’s gun from his belt, pointing it at his face.

Locke looks at Jack, “You wont shoot me Jack, just like I wouldn’t have shot you…”

CLICK. Jack pulls the trigger. No bullets.

Wow. So much for that, huh Locke?

After the groups pull them apart, Locke tells everyone he’s going to the Others’ barracks, that the people coming to rescue them will kill them all. Hurley backs him up with Charlie’s tale of “Not Penny’s Boat.”

People start joining Locke’s squad, including Claire, Sawyer, Hurley, Rousseau, Alex, Carl and Ben. For a hilarious moment in an otherwise dark episode, Ben says, “Jack, with your permission, I’d like to go with John.”

The rest stay with Jack and Kate as the helicopter drops a guy in a parachute, who lands, sees them both and asks him “Are you Jack?”

The big secret

So we get now that what was eating at Jack in season 3, and now what’s causing Hurley to lose his mind is that the Oceanic 6, those that returned from the Island to the mainland, lied about who was left behind.

In fact, I think they told them there were no other survivors. A big lie. No wonder Hurley is going crazy.

So much so, he sees Charlie while at the mental institution he basically begged to be let into. Charlie tells him that he’s hiding, and that “They need you…they need you….THEY NEED YOU!”

The real mystery now lies in the fact that if Hurley went with Locke, why the heck was he one of the Oceanic 6?

What happens between the arrival of the “rescuers” and the splitting of the survivors? I feel like we have a lot to happen yet before Jack, Kate, Hurley and the three others actually leave the island.

Final Thoughts

My wife had an interesting theory about these people trying to find the island with Naomi. Perhaps they are in fact Dharma people trying to find the island.

This is what we both think:

The big Purge happened where Ben killed everyone. But they pretend that Dharma is still alive on the Island, so they still get those drop shipments from the mainland and other communications.

But somehow Dharma finds out that the Others now have control so Ben shuts off communications from the outside world via the Looking Glass and now Dharma can’t find the Island. So the people on the boat could be the Dharma initiative trying to get back.

Yet without the communications, perhaps they can’t find the Island? We already know it’s REALLY hard to get there, so maybe there is NO WAY unless you can communicate with it?

Either that, or it’s another group that has somehow found out about it and is trying to find it for their own purposes.

What do you think?

So what did you think? What the heck is going on? Who are these people?

And do you think the Island makes Charlie appear to Hurley, or is it his own sub-conscious?

(Also make sure you check out the screen capture of the scene with Jacob in the cabin, it clearly shows that Jacob is Christian)