New Lost Season 4 poster has mysterious reflection

By Mike

January 18, 2008 Television No comments

This post has some spoilers from season 3 and 4 in it, so you may not want to read any further if you are behind.

Figured you Lost-Aholics out there would like this new poster that ABC has out there now, which shows the castaways standing on the beach, with tall palm trees in the background and the ocean in front of them with the reflection of the island.

Except, NO, it’s not the island, it’s some city skyline. No one knows what city it might be, but it’s likely to be where we saw Jack and Kate in the season finale. That’s my thoughts, but it could really be any big city.

But the real mysterious element to the poster is the spooky oval looking shape that it reflected in the water above the city skyline. Now, if you don’t want to know anything about season 4, stop here.

I am pretty sure I know what it is, if you look closely, it’s a number. I thought an “8″ at first, but I’m confident it’s a “6″ from reading elsewhere.

Why is that significant? Well, one of the big plot points this season is going to be the Oceanic 6, the six survivors who actually get off the island and become famous.

Who are they? We know Jack and Kate already seem to be off. And whoever died could be one of the six. Who else? No idea. I’ll guess Hurley, but who knows.

So I guess it’s really not THAT mysterious, but it’s cool regardless.

Anyways, we only have 13 days left until the season premiere, but it’s getting harder and harder to wait.

Enjoy the poster, click on it for the large, high-resolution version.

New Lost Season 4 poster has mysterious reflection