Watch Friday Night Lights, Jericho in high-def on UHD

By Mike

January 2, 2008 Features Television No comments

I may have said it before, but Universal HD is one of my favorite stations out there. That’s where I caught up with Battlestar Galactica in the beginning and where I got to watch Firefly all over again in high-definition.

Well, this week the fun continues. Two series, Jericho and Friday Night Lights, make their debuts on Universal HD this Friday night, January 4th.

If you haven’t seen the first season of Jericho, this is a good time to catch up without having to buy the DVDs. You should be aware though that Jericho returns with their short second season on February 12th, so it might be hard to get all caught up with season one first.

The first year had 22 episodes, so if they stick to their normal once a week showing, that makes it around May 30th for the final one to air. That’s a long way from February 12th.

However, if you just Tivo them all instead, there are only seven episodes of the new season two and that should fit on your DVR just waiting until you get done on May 30th.

As far as Friday Night Lights, the first season was one of the best I’ve seen of any show in a long time. It’s worth getting sucked into, especially during this WGA strike.

Give them both a shot if you are bored, and if you don’t get UHD at all, it might be time to switch to Direct TV.

Jericho starts at 6pm EST, with Friday Night Lights at 7pm EST. Both repeat later that night.