ABC Trying To Pick Up Scrubs?

By Jason

February 29, 2008 Television No comments

Scrubs Header
The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that ABC is in negotiations to pick up 18 episodes of “Scrubs” from ABC Studios, which has produced the comedy for NBC since 2001.

NBC, however, claims they are still in a “first negotiation period” (a period of exclusive negotiations) with ABC Studios. Apparently NBC and ABC Studios have been at odds over “Scrubs” since the get-go so industry observers are preparing for an ugly battle between the two over the series.

I’m not sure why NBC is making such a big deal about this really. NBC has already ordered what they consider the final season of “Scrubs.” When the writers strike cut short the original 18 episode order to only 12 episodes the network made no move to order any additional episodes for the fall. In fact, NBC is said to have floated various endgame scenarios to producers, including ordering one final episode or producing the remaining episodes direct to DVD. Right now NBC has only five original episodes of “Scrubs” left which the network plans to air starting April 10.

That brings us to ABC who is trying to pick up “Scrubs.” ABC president of entertainment Steve McPherson has a history with “Scrubs,” having developed the comedy during his tenure overseeing the studio when it was known as Touchstone Television. Apparently, McPherson also has been vocal about his intent to pick up the show should NBC drop it. NBC, it seems, isn’t too happy about the idea.

This could be good for fans no matter how you look at it. If NBC refuses to pick up the show, ABC could pick it up and keep it on the air. We get more “Scrubs!” If NBC really wants to go to battle they could pick up the show just to spite ABC in which case they’ll have to produce it and put it on the air. We get more “Scrubs!” Either way, we get more “Scrubs!”

This is seriously good news for “Scrubs” fans.