Battlestar Galactica: What’s happened so far (seasons 1-3 recap)

By Mike

February 29, 2008 Television Videos No comments

If any of you remember the Lost recap video we posted in late December, it was an 8:15 review of the first three seasons narrated by some women and it was a riot.

Well, that woman is back and this time she does the same kind of recap for Battlestar Galactica. It’s hilarious as well and worth watching, even if you don’t get into the show.

Maybe you’ll want to afterwards. Regardless, enjoy this treat, it’s really frakking awesome.

A warning of course, it has spoilers and stuff from all three seasons thus far, so don’t watch it if you haven’t caught up, or at least stop part-way through.

“It looks grim until good Boomer does everyone a solid and steals the launch keys to the grounded ships.”


You can watch the original in slightly better quality at Thanks to ProgGrrl at Galactica SitRep for the heads up on this.