Finally: WGA strike officially over

By Mike

February 13, 2008 Features Movies Television No comments

I can’t believe I am able to type these words:

The WGA Strike is over!

The WGA members voted an overwhelming 92.5% to end the strike and get back to work. That was 3,775 yes ballots, while 283 stubbornly wanted to keep it going.

I’m sure most of the guild members were just happy to have a deal and get back to doing what they love: writing.

And that is apparently happening, as Variety reports that even as early as Tuesday night, the writers for Oscar night were back to working scrambling to get content for the show that airs in under two weeks.

The only worry left is the fact that the Screen Actor’s Guild is in the same boat as the WGA was last year in that they have an expiring contract with the AMTPT on June 30th.

There is hope though that the deals with the WGA and the Director’s Guild earlier this year, will help the SAG and AMTPT come to a quick resolution.

And now…let’s move back all this and start seen some new shows again!