HD-DVD getting kicked in the teeth

By Mike

February 13, 2008 DVD Technology No comments

We pretty much knew the format war was over when Warner Brothers switched to Blu-Ray only, but now it just seems like people are adding insult to injury.

Granted, HD-DVD hasn’t surrendered yet, so I guess business have no choice but to make these kinds of announcements, but still…it makes you feel bad for the HD-DVD camp.

And for those of us with HD-DVD players. Ugh.

So Netflix earlier this week announced that they were going to only Blu-Ray in the near future and would not stock HD-DVD anymore. This was updated on Engadget later that they’d still have a limited supply, but it’s basically going to be impossible to find available HD-DVD movies to rent I suspect.

Even the comments section of that blog post had people talking of canceling their Netflix membership over it.

And now Best Buy, always at the forefront of these things it seems (like getting rid of all rear projection TVs), announced today that they will “showcase Blu-Ray as the HD format of the future.”

In March they will stock their shelves and promote Blu-Ray to customers as the technology they should be purchasing, despite still saying they’ll have limited stock of HD-DVD.

I stopped by Best Buy today and there was 3 total sections of Blu-Ray compared to 1 second of HD-DVD, so I think it’s already happening.

Anyways, this whole war and subsequent defeat has been interesting to me because I was just kid during the Betamax and VHS wars during the 1970s and 1980s.

Hopefully it will end soon and HD-DVD will just yell “uncle” so we can just move on and stop hearing these sad stories.