My head is spinning: So long Shawn Marion…for Shaq?

By Mike

February 5, 2008 Features Sports No comments

I wrote a few blogs tonight, I was ready for bed, decided to check to see why my cell phone’s text messaging beeps had gone off a few times earlier and BAM…the floor dropped out from under me and my world got flip turned upside down (thanks Fresh Prince).

My beloved Phoenix Suns are trading Shawn Marion to the Miami Heat for Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq Daddy. The Big Aristotle.

My first inclination was to cry. I love Shawn…he’s been my favorite player ever since I saw him dunk a ball as a Sun for the first time.

It was horrible enough to get slapped across the fact with this trade, but now I find out he WANTS it to go through. He was talking about a trade before the season started and I figured it would just die out.

I guess not.

And now what about Shaq. I mean, seriously, Shaq? In PHOENIX? The Run and Gun Phoenix Suns? The only thing Shaquille O’Neal has been running to lately is either a 3-foot long sub or the injured list. In the last 18 games, he’s only played in 4.


This entire trade hinges on him passing his physical on Wednesday, but I am pretty sure it’s a done deal.

Marion was going to be gone soon anyways, once his contract was up in two years, and the Suns definitely need rebounding and defense after the Lakers added Gasol and have Bynum returning soon.

But can Shaq fit in here? Can he stay healthy?

Will I be able to even sleep tonight?