Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites starts tonight

By Mike

February 7, 2008 Features Television No comments

I haven’t watched Survivor in quite awhile, basically enjoying the fact that The Amazing Race is still the best reality show on TV and leaving it at that.

But one of my readers and good friends Tyler wants a blog about it and a contest like we did for Amazing Race and I truly cannot let you guys down, so we’re going to do one. This time it’s Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites.

Now, I am going to give this show a chance, even though Johnny Fairplay is back and still an idiot from what I can tell. But I heard it got good again last season so maybe this one will extend that streak.

Plus if you have Fans like Eliza Orlins (pictured below) it might just be worth checking out.

Eliza from Survivor(You watch her be the most annoying one and get voted off in the first episode now…)

My only caveat is that the recaps for it will likely be short and sweet, because as we all know, Lost is on the same night and one of those two shows is WAY more important than the other…

What will the contest be? Basically, the same as The Amazing Race:

Watch the first episode and the come back tomorrow for the official Contest Post and add a comment with the three names you think have a chance to win it all.

That’s it. The contest winner(s) will get a blog dedicated to something they want me to write about. Perhaps you’d like me to sit through a truly horrendous movie, like Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, then write a review about it. Or maybe you want me to promote your blog, or some business, I dunno, whatever…it’s up to you!

The main point is for all of us to have fun and see who is the best at guessing insane reality show contestant winners.

So be prepared and watch tonight!

I want to see at least 5 of you join the contest tomorrow and before the next episode, so that it’s actually worth following all year. Of course, I might just get re-hooked on Survivor and not care after awhile anyways! *grin*