Upcoming Scrubs episode tidbits

By Mike

February 4, 2008 Television No comments

Something funny happened with Scrubs the last few weeks. Despite having five episodes filmed, NBC has chosen not to show them.

I asked my buddy at an NBC affiliate what gives, and he said he was just as surprised, especially because they don’t appear to be using it even for sweeps this month. He added that he looked ahead on the schedule and there is no Scrubs in sight as far as March.

Granted, their schedules can change on a whim and with the writer’s strike, it’s probably even more erratic.

In December it was widely reported that Scrubs was to return on January 24th, but that date came and went with nothing but a Chuck/Celebrity Apprentice sandwich.

There could be a reason behind it. Maybe they are saving them until the strike is over and the remaining episodes can be filmed.

So with no clue about when we’ll see it again, I thought I’d pass along some tidbits about upcoming episodes, whenever we get them.

There were eleven produced, six shown, meaning we get five still to watch.

The next three episodes, #7, #8 and #9, are called “My Bad Too“, “My Manhood” and “My Princess.”

In My Bad Too, Turk tries to learn Spanish in hopes of surprising Carla, while J.D. takes care of a burn patient.

In My Manhood, Elliot apparently has some secret she wont reveal to Carla, which of course drives Carla crazy.

The big episode that I’ve been looking forward to is My Princess, and it’s the one that Zach Braff directs and in it pays homage to The Princess Bride. In it Dr. Kelso worries about lawsuits from mistakes made by overtime worked, so he orders the staff to immediately go home after their shifts end.

Supposedly their will be costumes and locations, with the Janitor playing the Giant from Princess Bride, and J.D. as the village idiot. Hmm, somehow I don’t remember a village idiot from the movie.

On a side note, can you believe The Princess Bride came out just over 20 years ago? Ugh…

So what do you think? With no word in sight when we’ll see Scrubs again, are you excited about the upcoming stories we’ll see?