Damages, Rescue Me back in 2009?

By Mike

March 10, 2008 Television No comments

A quick blurb about two of my favorite cable shows, which both happen to be on FX.

Damages, which got the go-ahead for a second season, is apparently rumored to not return until January, 2009. That’s a heck of a long ways off and starts to really make my summer viewing depressing.

To make matters worse, Rescue Me isn’t even coming back until MARCH of 2009, even further down the road.

This is all going to make the hot months interesting. As I’ve opened my eyes to the fact that cable has some REALLY good shows out there, it’s become a dependable place to find some good stuff during the summer. Flight of the Conchords, Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Battlestar Galactica are a few of the others I enjoy.

With the report of Entourage not coming back until September, I guess I will be catching up on a lot of reading during July, August and September.