ESPNewsHD: What did you think?

By Mike

March 31, 2008 Television No comments


The first thing I did when I got up on Sunday morning, was let the dogs out and turn on the TV. Not sure if that is different than any other morning, but whatever.

It was time to see ESPNewsHD in the flesh!

I recorded the first two broadcasts of ESPNewsHD off ESPNHD since I don’t have the new channel yet, hopefully you guys did the same. If you didn’t, it also showed on ESPN2HD a few more times on Sunday.

My initial thoughts are that IT’S AWESOME. I loved the new studio, the HD picture that fits inside all the informative scrolling areas on the top, left and bottom. When an NBA game scrolled by, they had small headshots of players to go next to their stat line. Pretty nice.

Also liked that when the top line switched sports, the left area had an animation graphic that displayed that sport’s logo.

There was really only one thing that bothered me. They have sound effects when displaying a person’s name or other information that overlays the HD picture, and that little “swoosh” sound could get to be tiresome after awhile.

What did you guys think? Awesome?

I’m just hoping that the station shows up soon, because I need to see more of it!