Jay Leno continues to suck

By Mike

March 31, 2008 Movies No comments

I’m sorry, I’ve not liked Jay Leno for quite awhile now. I’ve never found him to be particularly funny, his jokes mostly boil down to sexual references that any cheap comedian can get. His interview skills lack a lot, he never seems to connect with his guests and on occasion he makes them uncomfortable.

Let’s take poor Ryan Phillippe for instance, who appeared on Leno’s show last week. Immediately upon sitting down, Leno starts in on the fact that Phillippe played the first ever gay teenager on One Life To Live many years ago.

Up to par with his usual repertoire, Leno makes a few wisecracks, even a Brokeback Mountain reference. And then, to top it all off, he tell Ryan to pretend the camera is his boyfriend and to give it his GAYEST look.

Are you kidding me? It’s hard to imagine in this day and age that someone like Leno would do something like that and think it’s funny. It’s rude, insulting and made Phillippe visibly uncomfortable. So much so, he almost threatened to leave from the embarrassing topics.

It’s lit a firestorm that probably wont go away for awhile and who knows what kind of trouble Leno will get into. His comments led to a letter from Jeff Whitty, which led to another post which led to the beginnings of mygayestlook.com (NSFW).

All the photos on the site are basically people flipping off the camera, which is in essence supposed to be Jay Leno.

The sad thing is, the guy still leads in the ratings and it only proves to me that a lot of people like childish, immature humor compared to more intelligent and witty writing on other late night shows.

I still don’t know how a guy like Leno thinks this kind of thing is okay. He hasn’t commented on the issue at all yet, but we’ll see if he does.

What do you think? Is this crossing the line? Watch the video below.