NBC and DirectTV save Friday Night Lights

By Mike

March 5, 2008 Television No comments

keep the lights on

A huge relief from all of us Friday Night Lights fans out there.

The show was in dire need of saving this past month, after the outlook of a third season was grim. Jason posted a blog a few weeks back urging fans to try and save the show by participating in the Keep the Lights On campaign.

Well, according to Deadline Hollywood, and backed up by the Ausiello Report, the show has been saved by a joint effort between NBC and Direct TV.

Another reason for me to be a fan of the #1 satellite provider in the country.

The partnership will likely end up with Friday Night Lights being shown on an exclusive DTV channel, and then an encore showing would appear on NBC. In essence, they are getting two viewings for the price of one.

I love this show so much. Yeah, it’s about high school kids, but the examples displayed by the adults on the show has always been outstanding. The Coach and his wife always seem to have a loving marriage, despite a few ups and downs. The mother of the star running back Smash, cares for her boy and has had some amazing moments this year.

Plus the football is awesome, and it can be very, very funny.

Great to know the show is saved for at least another season!

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose! Go Panthers!