PopCritics’ Top Commentors for February

Every month here at Pop Critics, we take a look back at the previous month and tally up the comments whilst we look for the one who posted the most of ‘em.

If you are from Jason’s blog, Inner88, this is something new, but it was a monthly thing I did over at A Mike Life and it was a fun little way to thank all of you for participating and dishing out some recognition. Hence we are going to also do it here at Pop Critics!

Last month The Trousered Ape set the record with 167 total comments, something unheard of in these parts. We didn’t set any new landmarks in February, but The Ape is still hanging around despite not having any thumbs to help him type.

This month he put up 144, which is well shy of the record, but still impressive. The great thing about The Ape is that his comments are usually witty and on-topic and help keep the discussion alive. So we thank him for that. My only beef is with his anti-HD-DVD platform that he runs his campaign on.

And now to totally blow any trust he has in me, I’m going to post a quote from an IM session we had last week that he asked me to keep quiet.

Don’t let this get out – but i’m blasting eminem and dr. dre through my headphones now.

I thought that was odd, but it might explain how he can post comment after comment without taking a break. If you listen to that kind of music, it’s like a built-in adrenaline shot injected directly through your eardrums.

And now enough with this monkey business, let’s move on to some other readers who are also powerhouses when it comes to commenting prowess.

In January we had 12 people hit the double-digit mark in comments, and this month we upped that to 13. If we hit 15 next month, Jason will reveal to you all his most embarrassing moment.

(it might just be losing to Jeff right now in their American Idol prediction rivalry)

The Next Top 5

Cap’n Schwartz (118) – Another solid month from The Cap’n, who tried at the last minute to really pad his post count, but to no avail. It’s hard to catch the Ape when he does nothing but work 24/7 at his computer. We may get some writing from this guy down the road, he’s a comic book expert.

Jeff (57) – A good friend of Jason’s, Jeff wasn’t even in the Top 15 at A Mike Life last month, so he’s a newcomer with a very impressive February. I’m pretty sure he can do much better than 57 in March. You can check out his blog, Static Thinkbox, where he posts on a variety of subjects, but has some pretty awesome American Idol recaps.

Jina (45) – My wife had 47 last month, so she’s nothing if not consistent. She could comment more, but she tends to look for the witty, Ape-like response instead of jabbering on like I tend to do.

Scott (37) – Another staple of Pop Critics, Scott runs CareerWaymark.com and helps people find their way in the business world and career development. He hit 50+ readers for the first time in February and his blog keeps growing. Congrats!

MichaelB (37) – Michael works for the CW and is imbedded in the entertainment industry, so we like to hear his opinions. I just ask that he shorten his comment name to just “MichaelB.” *grin*

The Best of the Rest

kathy (24) – A Lost addict!
Frank C (23) – Runs OpTempo.com
R.A. Porter (22) – Visit his Coyote Squirrel’s Random Musings blog
Adam (21) – Has a blog called the Principia Adamaca with some AWESOME Lost Recaps.
nicky (19) – The fashion expert who runs Swish-Style.
RobertB (16) – Runs a few cat blogs: All Things Catnip and Happy Healthy Cats.
RT Cunningham (12) – His blog is the Untwisted Vortex.
TheCriticalCritic (10) – Runs a movie review site called The Critical Critics.

Thanks to all of you who take part in our daily discussions and ponderings on all things pop culture. March will be our first official month as PopCritics.com, and Jason and I are stoked to see how things go.

You all are part of the success and fun that we have here and we wouldn’t find the motivation to do it without you.