Rambo Forces Bulgaria To Pretend To Be Arizona

By Jason

March 24, 2008 Movies No comments

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It seems like only a few weeks ago that rumors of a fifth Rambo film seemed pretty far fetched…wait, that was only a few weeks ago. Yet, here we are, a few weeks later and it looks like Sylvester Stallone will once again be strapping on the headband for another go at it.

I didn’t bother to watch Rambo, the fourth film in the series, when it came to theaters (oh so briefly) and it hasn’t hit DVD so I really don’t know if I would like it or not. I wasn’t impressed by the previews or the reviews of it. It didn’t really make much money either.

Bad reviews and dismal box office can’t stop John Rambo, though! You have to hand it to him, he’s tenacious. The guys over at IESB.net say that Rambo V (for lack of a better title) is moving full steam ahead with an Arizona setting. That means Rambo is coming back to the states, right? Well, sort of. Filming Arizona to look like Arizona poses no real challenge for Rambo so they’re taking the show on the road and filming in Bulgaria. IESB says this:

With the ending of the last film as a prelude, it was thought that Rambo V would be set back home in Arizona with the character returning to America for the first time since Brian Dennehy screwed it all up with that firehose of his.

But last week, it was announced that the film would be shooting in Bulgaria which threw everyone off track, was Rambo heading back out to a foreign land to kick some more ass?

Clint over at Moviehole.net says no. His scooper says yes the production is shooting in Bulgaria but only for financial reasons. The Bulgarian landscape will double for Arizona with a Sheriff Georgi instead of Sheriff Joe…I am kidding…but yes, Bulgaria will double for Anytown, Arizona.

Hey, why not? I guess it’s a lot cheaper to film in a country where you can pay people in pretzels. My only real question concerns the plot of the new film. If Rambo is going to be back in the states how is he going to kill all those people? Here in the states they tend to frown on mowing people down with machine guns.

Plus, if Rambo gets too crazy they might send Jack Bauer after him. You DO NOT want to get in the middle of that fight.