‘Serenity: Better Days’ releasing this week

By Mike

March 11, 2008 Comics No comments

Serenity: Better Days

Not being a graphic novel reader until just recently, I’ve apparently missed out on A LOT of good stuff, one of them being the ongoing saga of one of my favorite sci-fi shows of all-time: Firefly.

To give a little background to you sad folks who haven’t seen Firefly, or even the subsequent movie Serenity, the series was on Fox back in the day and lasted only 11 aired episodes before getting axed.

It was a fantastic show created by Joss Whedon, set in space with a slight western feel to it and some highly addicting characters. After only a few episodes, you found yourself wanting badly to know what happened to these travelers and thieves next.

But it was canceled and it took a few years to happen, but a theatrical movie was made called Serenity (which is the name of their ship) and it involved the entire cast form the TV series.

As far as I knew, it ended there, but that’s cause I missed out on a little graphic novel done to bridge the gap between the TV show and the film.

It was called Serenity: Those Left Behind. I just ordered it today and can’t wait to see how it relates to the movie as a prequel.

Well, now that you are totally schooled in the Firefly universe, the great news is that the story continues.

This month and the next two will see the releases of the 3-volume mini-series comic book called Serenity: Better Days.

I’ve posted some of the artwork from Better Days below (click for a bigger version), and the header to this story is the cover piece to it, but if you want to see quite a few more panels, plus an awesome interview with Matthews, visit IGN.com.

Serenity: Better DaysSerenity: Better Days

Both the new one and the previous one are shorter than the standard 5-6 volume graphic novels that are out there. But the Those Left Behind had some high praises and I’m looking forward to Better Days. It’s written by Joss Whedon and Brett Matthews, both oh which did the first comic book.

The plot isn’t totally revealed, but what we do know is that it takes place before the previous comic book and obviously the film, and could be considered an episode from the TV series. The story is supposed to be more of an upbeat one, when things go right for the crew, which didn’t always happen in the series.

Looking forward to it.