Controversy surrounding The Dark Knight and the late Heath Ledger

By Mike

April 11, 2008 Movies 19 Comments

This is an interesting story that’s sort of come out this week and is making the rounds at all the entertainment sites out there.

This article might contain a spoiler for The Dark Knight, so if you would rather not know, then skip it.

There have been some secret screenings of The Dark Knight around the country, which isn’t totally unusual, the release date is coming up soon, so getting audiences feedback is something that happens all the time.

But some of the reactions at these screenings have been pretty awful for one particular scene. Apparently somewhere in the plot The Joker fakes his own death and is seen in a body bag looking pretty dead.

The viewers at these screenings have predictably been a bit offended and slightly outraged at the sight of Heath Ledger in a body bag.

According to, this is perhaps causing the studios to think about cutting that whole scene entirely.

And I have to agree with Stuart Wood at, to do this would be a travesty and completely ruin the work that Ledger did.

Do you think Ledger is sitting up there hoping they don’t put that scene in the movie? I doubt it. I think he wants to see it as badly as we do. It was his last finished piece of work, and it shouldn’t be tarnished because some people are “overly sensitive“, as Stuart writes.

The best part about these screenings however, is that the movie is being said to be BETTER than the previous Batman Begins, and that Ledger’s work as The Joker is astounding and amazing to see.

Let’s hope that this time, the studio forgoes being so politically correct, and give us what Ledger would have wanted his fans to see: The whole story.

What about you guys? Would you rather see the scene cut?

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