Hellboy 2 NY Comic Con poster

By Mike

April 21, 2008 Movies No comments

Gus over at Movie Poster Addict put up the Hellboy 2 poster from the New York Comic Con that was held this past weekend.

According to Gus, this isn’t an “official” movie poster for Hellboy 2, it was actually a specially done design by Drew Struzan just for the convention. Very cool.

Struzan also did a similar thing for The Mist at Comic Con last year, which you can see here. He’s also the genius behind such posters like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Back to the Future III, Blade Runner and others. Check out his entire portfolio here. Very cool.

I agree with Gus though, this poster is likely going to be better than anything that comes directly from the production company. They might be wise to use it.

What do you guys think?