Journeyman appears to be done

By Mike

April 30, 2008 DVD Television No comments

Well, I’ve not done enough browsing my blog reader recently, because I’ve missed some posts on that pretty much have said the show is toast.

Not only that, but instead of trying to save the show, they are now just trying to get the DVD published! And better yet, there is an auction going for props and wardrobe from the show.

I am a member of the Journeyman page on Facebook and they posted this announcement today:

There are several of us Journeyman Fans who are working towards getting a DVD of JM from FOX. We have set up an online petition and we have a website that people can visit to get the email addresses of the executives at FOX and the snail mail address for FOX.

We all love Journeyman and are saddened at the way it was treated by NBC. We think it is still important to continue to let our voices be heard on behalf of Journeyman and for the purpose of speaking out for quality television programming.

Here is the address for the petition:

But again, I just missed this stuff. They posted on SaveJourneyman earlier this month that word came from some inside sources that it was over. And then on April 4th, the show’s creator Kevin Falls posted this:

Dear SaveJourneyman Fans–

I just wanted to thank you for your valiant effort to try to save this show. It did not go unnoticed by myself, the writers, producers and actors. I am reluctant to encourage you to lobby for a DVD given all the work you did for naught to get the show picked up for another season, but the fact that there’s a DVD of Bionic Woman and not Journeyman just doesn’t seem quite right.

Journeyman was a wonderful and rewarding experience for almost everyone associated with the show. As I said before, we tried to move you intellectually and emotionally, but in the end, you did that to us.

If you continue to demand quality television, we’ll keep trying to produce it.

Humbly yours,

Kevin Falls

Well, I’m going to miss the show for sure. It’s even more sucky as Falls points out that Bionic Women has a DVD, but nothing is planned for Journeyman.

While I know it’s all business, it sucks when Knight Rider gets a season after a dreadful pilot, and quality stuff like Journeyman gets tossed aside.

Anyways, I wanted to add to all of you…it was fun watching the show with you all and talking about it each week. Certainly was one of the highlights for me this past season. Thank you!