Top ‘Critics’ for March 2008

By Mike

April 1, 2008 Pop Critics News No comments

We used to call this the Top Commentator of the Month post, but in reality, this blog is called Pop Critics and you are all critics just like Jason and I are. Hence, the name change.

But in all fairness, nothing has changed. The Trousered Ape once again claims the top spot after a minimal challenge from The Cap’n.

So once again, we have another quote from the Ape:

Coming in first time and again is just hard work, but I’m willing to sacrifice to do it so you don’t have to!

He’s so generous, so kind, isn’t he?

Well, last month’s rankings had us with only 12 Critics in double-digit comments, and I told everyone that if we hit 15 in March, Jason Clark would tell us his most embarrassing moment in life.

Sadly, he’s on vacation for a few more days, so we’ll just have to wait until next month for that little tidbit, but the goal was accomplished nonetheless.

In fact, we had 16 of you hit double-digits, which is just flat-out awesome. If I haven’t said it before, interaction from you guys is what makes us tick, and what helps us learn about more things to talk about. In the near future, we’ll probably be instituting some sort of “Critic’s Alert!” where you guys can submit stories you find that you think would be interesting for us, which could be another way in which you can interact with, and make it your home.

And now, here are the standings for March, complete with links to everyone’s blog or website. I’d like to note Kory stepping up for the first time in

The Top 5

The Trousered Ape (102) – Yawn…
Cap’n Schwartz (74) – Yawn…always a step behind Ape
Scotty Dub (57) – Nice showing, 20 more than last month!
Steven (42) – Steven wasn’t even in our Top 12 in February, and suddenly makes the top 5! Welcome back!
Jina (39) – My wife…45 last month, 47 the month before…she’s consistent as always.

Best of the Rest

Here are the rest of the Top 20 Critics for March. Nice to see newcomers ZachB, Bill and BIM appear this month. I know BIM, and I think in April he’s sure to be a double-digit Critic.

Kory and Ana jumped from nothing to double-digits, and while Ana is Jason’s wife and naturally is going to be commenting, it’s great to see Kory bust out of his shell and start letting us know what he thinks!

R.A. Porter (31)
nicky (28)
Jeff (28)
MichaelB (formerly known … (25)
Frank C (25)
Ana (17)
Kory (16)
Adam (15)
Rob O. (15)
Robert (13)
Steve McGrath (12)
Zach B (9)
Bill (8)
BIM (8)
Adrian (6)

Thanks Again

As always, you guys are appreciated and keep the comments coming!