Ultimate Bad Ass: Quarterfinals – Jack Bauer Bracket

By Mike

April 28, 2008 Movies Television No comments

While Jack Bauer skated by with a 25-8 victory over Dirty Harry, the second matchup from last week’s Jack Bauer Bracket in Ultimate Bad Ass, was a heck of a lot closer and came down to a single vote.

James Tiberius Kirk, by a score of 16-15, squeeked out win over the little, but deadly, Jackie Chan. Perhaps Kirk learned the Vulcan death grip and caught Chan by surprise, but either way, he wins and moves on to face his toughest opponent yet.

#1 Jack Bauer versus #5 James T. Kirk

James T. Kirk beats out three higher seeds to end up in a battle with Jack Bauer. This is the big one, the one that sends you to the Finals against the winners of the other brackets.

Can the old captain beat out the greatest counter-terrorism warrior of all-time?

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