Ultimate Bad Ass: Quarterfinals – Women’s Bracket

By Mike

April 30, 2008 Movies Television No comments

We almost had another crisis on our hands with the Women’s Bracket in our Ultimate Bad Ass contest. It seems the girls are a lot tougher than the guys and their duels go down to the friggin’ wire.

With the voting ending at 7:30pm last night, I noticed at 5:00pm that both matchups were tied 9-9. After 5 days. Amazing.

Not willing to cast the deciding votes once again, and having some friends over to watch the Phoenix Suns debacle, we got Nicky to make the call.

In the Sarah Connor versus Lara Croft matchup, Lara took the victory by a pony tail’s length. And The Bride knocked out Ripley the Alien killer.

Whew. Who knows what is going to happen this round, but let’s get it started.

(on a side note, I think it’s definitely been proven I know not a THING about women, considering we have a 5th and 6th seed remaining)

#5 Lara Croft versus #6 The Bride

This is actually an interesting matchup, one I find pretty even. Lara Croft, she can move and fight like The Bride, and is pretty deadly with her dual pistols. The Bride has the Hattori Hanzo sword, which might cut through anything known to man.

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