Ultimate Bad Ass: Round 2 – The Women’s Bracket

By Mike

April 24, 2008 Movies Television No comments

After a brief speed bump in the Women’s Bracket, we’re back underway and ready to do battle between the baddest of the bad-ass females.

Today in Ultimate Bad Ass, we have four pretty awesome women, yet one of them is pretty tired from the extra sudden death round we had yesterday, so we’ll see how she performs. It’s a tough matchup.

We also have some lower seeds in Round 2 than we had in the previous Round 2 brackets, so either I suck at seeding women (pun intended) or we have some awesome upsets.

I’m anxious to see how it ends up, so here we go!

#1 Ripley versus #6 The Bride

Tired and worn out after having to beat down Sydney Bristow yesterday, The Bride from Kill Bill has to do battle with the alien(s) killer.

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#2 Sarah Connor versus #5 Lara Croft

Trained by military men to do battle, Sarah Connor is one tough chick, but can she handle the quick and double-pistol wielding Lara Croft from Tomb Raider?

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