Watch Scarlett Johansson’s debut music video, “Falling Down”

By Mike

April 30, 2008 Celebrities Music No comments

Scarlett Johansson is about to release her debut solo album entitled, Anywhere I lay My Head on May 20th. The description of the style of music is an “eclectic mix of Tom Waits covers, boasting an impressive guest list of performers, including David Bowie and members of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s.

The video for the song Falling Down (originally on Tom Waits “Big Time” album) was just posted on Yahoo and we have it for you below. I’m curious what everyone thinks of it, because I have to say it was sort of difficult for me to get a read on it. The vocals sound like a group singing, not a solo obviously.

I’ve read that Bowie has some vocals on this song, so perhaps he is the one in the background. I will never profess to be a music expert, so tell me what you think!

There is an older cover she did that I like a bit better. It’s a “smoky” rendition of Summertime by Gershwin which really showcases her voice. I guess some compare her to Zooey Deschanel, which is pretty obviously after watching the video below.

The video features scenes from Lost in Translation, but it wasn’t in the movie obviously.

What do you think of her voice? Is her new album worth checking out?