“Watchmen” advertising contest

By Mike

April 23, 2008 Comics Movies No comments

So I read the graphic novel Watchmen earlier this year and it was pretty amazing. With the movie version of Watchmen coming in 2009, it was a must-read for me and of course it came highly recommended.

The director of the movie, Zack Snyder, put up a contest yesterday that is actually pretty cool if you are into using your home video camera to film stuff.

Basically, you are to make a commercial that will last 15, 30 or 60 seconds based on a packet of assets that you can use in your creation. The movie is set in 1985, so the commercial has to be in 4:3 format and use their advertisers provided.

20 finalists could win $1,000 each, and of course have a chance to be in the movie itself.

You can find out all the rules and info by visiting the film’s YouTube page. If you want to see the rules real quick, watch Snyder on the YouTube video below: