Battlestar Galactica recap : “The Road Less Traveled” (S4x05)

By Mike

May 2, 2008 Television No comments

Okay, I’m ready for stuff to start happening on Battlestar Galactica.

I mean, yeah, plots are developing, but the progress feels so very, very slow right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still loving the show, but all of this better be the calm before the storm, because through five episodes this final season, not much has happened.

Friday’s episode was called The Road Less Traveled.

It’s Day 58 of the Demetrius and Starbuck’s mission to find Earth, but so far all she’s done is alienate her crew. The only one standing up for her at the moment is Helo, and that’s only because he’s bound by his orders.

Starbuck has a “feeling” though, and goes out on a Viper mission for the first time since her arrival. This feeling comes true when they cross paths with a Cylon Heavy Raider, carrying the one and only, Leoben.

They bring Leoben on board, and he right away sees a difference in Starbuck’s eyes. She’s not the same person he saw on New Caprica.

It sort of confirms what we suspect. She’s not a Cylon, but…is she still even human?

On a site note…IO9 posted a cool little article about possible clues that are shown in the paintings Starbuck has done.

The gist of it is…there was a ship in the Original Battlestar Galactica series called The Ship of Lights, and it was helmed by Seraphs, glowing beings with technology well beyond both human and Cylon. In the old series, the Seraphs raise Apollo from the dead.

One of the paintings Starbuck did has a star that REALLY looks like The Ship of Lights (see below). Is it possible she died, and was resurrected by the Seraphs, who restored not only her, but her ship? Would explain why her Viper looks brand new.

And Leoben calls her an Angel in this episode.

Back to The Road Less Traveled, Starbuck finds out from Leoben that his Basestar is in trouble and they desire an alliance with the humans, just as I figured was coming a few episodes ago when the Cylon Civil War broke out.

I do love the Kara-Leoben storyline, because it’s been around since the first season and really feels like it was something the writers had planned all along.

So Kara orders the ship to rendezvous with the Basestar, but finally Helo comes to his senses. The ship is almost out of fuel, and jumping to the Basestar would be a one-way ticket. He relieves Kara from duty.

And marine Erin Mathias, a long time character on the show, dies while inspecting the Heavy Raider outside. This continues the bloodbath this season with side characters being killed off.

One curious moment with Leoben and Anders happened, where Leo knew who he was back on Caprica, the star of the Buccaneers. He tells Anders, “You always knew you were destined for more, you were just waiting for your singular moment of clarity.

I don’t think Leoben knows that Anders is a Cylon, but he certainly can read people.

Meanwhile, back on Galactica, Chief Tyrol is slowly losing his mind. He is torn over Cally as he tries to figure out WHY she killed herself. He stands in the airlock just staring, trying to solve the puzzle. She was on anti-depressants he found out, so why would she kill herself?

Tory finds him in the airlock one time and tries to explain why Cally did what she did, even going as far as suggesting she KNEW they were Cylons.

Now, I have to admit here, the religious stuff going on with Gaius Baltar and Tory, and now to a certain extent, Tyrol, is confusing me. I know Baltar is trying to convince everyone that there is only one, true God, and that they’ve all been praying to false gods forever. Tyrol has been listening to Baltar on the radio and standing in on his meetings.

He gets mad at Baltar for presuming he knows who Cally is, and then goes to his barracks, pulls out his gun and almost kills himself.

Why is Baltar paying close attention to Tyrol? He is trying to earn his trust or friendship…by having him take his hand?

Perhaps he just sees in Tyrol what happened to himself?

They have a moment at the end, and Baltar apologizes for his mistake about Cally, and confesses that he is guilty of awful crimes. He has chosen to accept his fate, not fight it anymore.

And then Tyrol offers his hand, and they clasp…

Is Tyrol done fighting his fate?

What did you think of the episode? Good? Bad? Slow?

It was a “to be continued” ending, so hopefully next week wraps things up or “reveals” some things.