Snow Patrol working on new album

By Mike

May 28, 2008 Music No comments

Some of you may know that Snow Patrol is my favorite band of all-time and I pimp them any chance I get. Their last album Eyes Open came out a few years ago and I have been wondering when they’ll be releasing a new one.

Well, according to a recent blog post by lead singer Gary Lightbody, a new album is in full swing. In fact, they are in the middle of Ireland and are already a week into the new stuff:

The first week is behind us and things are going great. Some loveliness is happening and it’s very exciting to hear songs I’ve been demoing over the last year or more spring to noise covered life.

I cannot wait to hear more about it. I’ve been dying for something new from them for so long now.

And another reason for me to like the band, or at least Lightbody, is his choice of television shows:

When I get the chance I’m mostly watching californication, 30 rock (funniest show since arrested development) and house. Oh and lost. Hating the wait week to week though. Give us it all at once please.

And finally the incredible Flight Of The Conchords [the band]. Yes it’s very funny but check the production too. Better than most serious hip-hip and rock records. Off course the tv show is fantastic too. We’re all fans of that.

I can’t say much about Californification, but anyone who loves 30 Rock and thinks it’s as good as Arrested Development is A-OK in my book. Then you toss in Lost and well…that’s everything you could hope for.

But to like Flight of the Conchords…that REALLY speaks to his tastes as a human being. Well done.