“So You Think You Can Dance” 2008 recap: L.A. Auditions

By Nicky

May 23, 2008 Television No comments

(Welcome Nicky to Pop Critics! She’s going to be writing about So You Think You Can Dance for us every week because she’s an ultra-fanatic about the show! Nicky runs her own fashion blog called Swish-Style, but is taking a break right now and we appreciate her helping us out! Give her a nice welcome!)

American Idol is over and that means it’s time for the only real dance competition on TV. No, I’m not talking cheeseball Dancing With The Stars, creepy Your Mama Don’t Dance or lame Step It Up and Dance (seriously how many of these shows are there?!) I’m talking So You Think You Can Dance, back for its fourth season!

If you’ve never watched it, here’s a little background info: In a similar style to American Idol, regular folks go out to a select number of cities to audition, we get to enjoy the talented and crazy people, see who makes the cut to the Top 20, vote for our favorites and help crown America’s Favorite Dancer.

Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe is the main judge, giving us the much needed snarky Brit factor, and he is joined by the super hyper, ballroom legend Mary Murphy, as well as a guest judge/choreographer every week. The show is hosted by the cute Cat Deeley, who is way more enjoyable than Ryan Seacrest.

Competitors draw different dance styles out of a hat, work with a select choreographer and give it their all. Yes, that means some weeks a hip hop dancer will have to learn a samba or a jazz dancer will have to shake their moneymaker like Beyonce, all for our viewing pleasure!

This week kicked off the audition process in Los Angeles and we saw the normal returning weirdos like Sex (a nickname obviously and he lists his age as 21+) and The Gold Inferno (he wears a lucha libre mask and basically jumps around.) Adding to that list was Italian Stallion Jonathan Anzalone, who thought he was so hot he dropped his pants for the camera, licked his nipples during his dance routine and was by far the most pompous person I’ve ever seen!

But we also saw some killer contestants like ballroom duo Leonidas Proskurov and Aliona Vetrenko.

Leonidas Proskurov and Aliona Vetrenko

Contemporary dancer Kherington Payne.

Kherington Payne

And the absolute best popper in the world, Robert Muraine.

“World’s Best Popper” Robert Muraine

I’ll be back next week with coverage of the Salt Lake City and Dallas auditions!