So You Think You Can Dance 2008 recap: SLC, Dallas, Charleston and D.C. Auditions

By Nicky

May 30, 2008 Television No comments

Here we are done with another week of SYTYCD auditions and I don’t know about you but I am ready for them to be over. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to watch the silly ones and all but it gets old fast for me. Thank goodness that after next Wednesday’s episode, we will be moving forward to the Vegas round on Thursday!

Auditions for this week on Wednesday night were in Salt Lake City and Dallas. And on Thursday night we were treated with auditions in Charleston and Washington D.C.

In Salt Lake City, the high ratio of married with children auditioners was mentioned (hmmm, wonder why?). One lady even brought her 4 kids along with her and was extremely gracious and sweet even though she really sucked as a dancer! My favorite from this city was Kelli Baker, a spectacular contemporary dancer who looks like she belongs in the finals now (doesn’t hurt that her mom is a famous choreographer but that just means she has more to prove if you ask me.)

Kelli Baker Audition Salt Lake City

On to Dallas, where I was like totally annoyed with southern Barbie, Paige Jones. OMG. I can’t believe she made it through, please please don’t let her go past Vegas. I mean, I am girly and like the color pink but her pinktastic apartment was nauseating! It was all a little too fakey for me, so not a surprise that she is a beauty pageant girl either. Anyway, my favorite dancer from Dallas had to be Joshua Allen, a popper who also had serious skills in contemporary moves as well. He seems very versatile and strong, can’t wait to see how he does in Vegas.

Joshua Allen Audition Dallas

Overall, they didn’t show many stellar auditions from this city. In fact, they highlighted how rude some contestants are to the judges. Loved the line from Shamika Robinson when asked if she thought the judges were lying about how bad she was, “I don’t think…I know.” Wow. And was it just me or was Nigel’s hair extremely poofy on Day 2? It was like Ronald McDonald meets the Bee Gees. My pick in Charleston was contemporary dancer Courtney Galiano. How cute was she and her adorable grandparents!?

Courtney Galiano Audition Charleston

Anyway, moving on to D.C. Season One ribbon dancer, Anthony Bryant, was back and although he does have great technique from his Julliard training, his lack of professionalism shines through after he is cut. Host Cat Deeley was so cute trying to comfort him afterwards but his little hissy fit in the end was telling of his true character. I’m glad he didn’t make it through. However, I loved hip hop dancer Markus Shields. He had great flow, original choreography and his personal story about his mom was moving.

Markus Shields Audition Washington D.C.

One more day of auditions and we’re on to Vegas to meet our Top 20! Whoo hoo!