The winner of the Pop Critics avatar contest!

We announced a few weeks ago that Pop Critics switched to Gravatars for our little avatar displays next to your name, and we told you how to get your own.

Along with that we also said we’d do a little contest in which Jason and myself would choose our favorite avatar from the ones you guys decided to go with.

Not everyone has one yet, but we did find our winner, which was pretty much a no-brainer.

Adrian, who doesn’t comment as much as he should, but that’s mostly because he’s keeping our site running on his web server, wins the avatar contest!

He’s a good friend of mine and years ago he wore this mullet to one of our Halloween parties and it was a riot. His wife Nicky (another devoted reader) hates it and made sure I would post a GOOD picture of him so that no one thought he really looked like this. You can see that below, with his lovely wife.

I could lie and say the mullet is his normal hair-doo, but I wont…for Nicky’s sake.

So congrats to Adrian…his prize is getting a blown-up version of the avatar displayed here.

All of you who don’t have one, check out our post on all of this and get one. In May, if we find some new, cool ones out there, we’ll pick another winner to exploit.