Trailer for the ensemble film “He’s Just Not That Into You”

By Mike

May 28, 2008 Movies No comments

Sometimes a  new movie just gets me excited based on who is in it. But occasionally, the AMOUNT of “whos” that are in it is what really gets me intrigued.

This new preview for He’s Just Not That Into You has such an amazing cast of young actors, I’m totally blown away:

Jennifer Connelly, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johansson, Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Kevin Connolly, Bradley Cooper and Ginnifer Goodwin.

If you don’t know who Kevin Connolly is, he plays Eric on HBO’s Entourage. Justin Long of course is the kid from Ed, Dodgeball and the highly underrated Accepted. And Bradley Cooper played Will Tippin on Alias and also the head chef Jack Bourdain on Kitchen Confidential (another underrated, short-lived TV series).

Goodwin is the lead and she’s recently been in Big Love on HBO.

It’s being directed by Kevin Kwapis, who has nine episodes of The Office under his belt as a director, and four as a producer. Sadly his most recent work was License to Wed, but he also directed About a Boy and The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, both very good films.

The movie is set in Baltimore and is basically one of those relationship-based plots where everyone’s stories intersect. The main focus here though is on the challenges of reading…or misreading…human behavior.

It’s based on the book of the same name by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo.

I love these kinds of movies when done well, but when you toss in a cast like this one, it’s a no-brainer. I have to see it.